NuSTAR Solar Observations


  1. The first focused hard X-ray images of the sun with NuSTAR
    Grefenstette et al. ApJ 2016
  2. The first X-ray imaging spectroscopy of quiescent solar active regions with NuSTAR
    Hannah et al. ApJL 2016
  3. Evidence of significant energy input in the late phase of a solar flare from NuSTAR X-ray observations
    Kuhar et al. ApJ 2017
  4. Microflare heating of a Solar Active Region observed with NuSTAR, Hinode/XRT, and SDO/AIA
    Wright et al. ApJ 2017
  5. NuSTAR hard X-ray observation of a sub-A class solar flare
    Glesener et al. ApJ 2017
  6. First NuSTAR limits on quiet Sun hard X-ray transient events
    Marsh et al. ApJ 2017
  7. NuSTAR detection of X-ray flares in the quiet Sun
    Kuhar et al. ApJ 2018
  8. Hard X-ray constraints on small-scale coronal heating events
    Marsh et al. ApJ 2018
  9. Joint X-ray, EUV and UV Observations of a Small Microflare
    Hannah et al. ApJ 2019
  10. Accelerated Electrons Observed Down to <7 keV in a NuSTAR Solar Microflare
    Glesener et al. ApJL 2020
  11. NuSTAR Observation of a Minuscule Microflare in a Solar Active Region
    Cooper et al. ApJL 2020
  12. NuSTAR Observation of Energy Release in Eleven Solar Microflares
    Duncan et al. ApJ 2021
  13. NuSTAR observations of a repeatedly microflaring active region
    Cooper et al. MNRAS 2021

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